What We Offer


Kindred Therapy utilizes informed consent to support you; wherever you are on your gender journey; whether you are seeking documentation for gender affirming medical care or you are looking for a place to explore the nuances of gender identity and expression. 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a client-led, non-invasive trauma treatment that releases unprocessed trauma from the body and allows our brains to access their natural healing capacities. 


The aim of therapy centering neurodiverse experiences is to allow individuals to explore ways they can further understand how to best adapt the environment to their needs; as opposed to trying to fit themselves into neurotypical standards. Whether you identify with the labels of ADHD, Autism or other neurodiverse experiences, let's explore how to make your life work for you.

Highly Sensitive People

About 15-20% of the population possesses the trait of high sensitivity, also called Sensory Processing Sensitivity. In therapy, we will empower you to create a life that works for you and your unique gifts. Learn to work with your sensitivity instead of pushing through overwhelm. Not sure if you are a Highly Sensitive Person? Click here to take a quiz.


In an effort to further support our clients in navigating complex systems, advocating for their needs, and accessing resources, Kindred Therapy has partnered with Remy Cyan to offer a care coordination membership as an adjunct to therapy. A monthly flat fee gives you unlimited access to trauma-informed, personalized assistance with the following:

Correcting gender markers 
Legal Name change 
Out of Network benefits coordination
Public benefits and/or other entitlement programs
SSI applications

Diagnoses can be helpful for a number of reasons, like having a way to recognize patterns of behavior. However, I do not think that diagnoses should be necessary in order to access psychotherapy. That being said, I have experience working with clients with the following diagnoses and experiences.


borderline personality disorder
complex trauma
domestic violence
mood disorders
obsessive compulsive disorder
panic disorder
sexual abuse


If you have an experience that is not in this list, but would like to address in therapy, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it during a consultation session.